BlackJacq Productions is Chris Nash (Black) & Jacqui Janzen (Jacq) and all of our wonderful friends and associates.

We love creating film, theatre and events and believe strongly in collaboration. We’d be thrilled to help you bring your creative projects to life.


We seek to strengthen the Vancouver arts community by producing original works which confront life’s challenges rather than distracting from them.

BlackJacq Productions lives by a philosophy of giving, with the belief that those around us will do the same. Our utmost objective is to provide safe, fun, professional entertainment on an intimate scale.


Because we would look back regretfully if we didn’t do it. We’re hospitable and artistic by nature and we love seeing all of our friends having a great time.

We’ve been fortunate enough to play and dance and explore safely, and we truly want to extend the same opportunity to every man, woman and child in the city.


Past Productions

Underneath the Ash Tree (FEATURE FILM)

BlackJacq Productions’ first film endeavour was Underneath the Ash Tree. This drama explored the lighter sides of death and the darker sides of romance. Production began in July 2012 and with the help of a fantastic crew, the full length feature film debuted in early 2016. Underneath the Ash Tree’s writer, direct and editor, Chris Nash, invites you to watch the trailer.

Stand Up! for the Little Guy (Event)

Stand Up! for the Little Guy  was an incredible night of stand up and sketch comedy with host Chris Nash. With 7 different variety acts, this show was a hit. Don’t worry if you didn’t make it, there will plenty more to come.


A “Little Guy” is our terminology for artists and humanitarians who need financial or promotional backing to help achieve their dreams. We do not expect to fully fund their endeavours, but we want to do our part to help them get closer.

Fat Mama Network (THEATRE)

Our first debut at the Vancouver Fringe Festival happened in 2014 with Fat Mama Network. This zany sketch comedy show was written by and starred Julia Church, Holly Pillsbury, Chris Nash and Jenni Raine.

Fat Mama Network